Newport Hospital
The Frederick Henry Prince Memorial Fund

Direct Grants Criteria


To accomplish the Frederick Henry Prince Memorial Fund's mission, the following goals have been established:

  1. Improve the long-term health of Newport County youth and families by:
    • Increasing participation in healthy athletic activity
    • Improving fitness levels
    • Increasing self-discipline and motivation to maintain a healthy life-style
    • Increasing good health habits including diet, exercise, rest, hygiene and preventive medical care
  2. Instill an aversion to the use of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs
  3. Build confidence and a sense of achievement

Goal #1 is the most important, and will be given priority. Projects addressing goals #2 and #3 will be considered if they clearly address goal #1.

Educational goals are not part of the mission, unless they clearly address the participatory and fitness aspect of goal #1 above.

Priorities and Evaluation Criteria

The priority of the Frederick Henry Prince Memorial Fund is to get kids physically active and off the couch. To be successful, applications must similarly prioritize physical activity above all other goals. Additional requirements include that the programs be appropriate for and utilized by school-age children, and that the programs be situated within Newport County; organizations or individuals residing outside of Newport County may apply as long as their program is based within the confines of Newport County.

In addition to these requirements, projects that advance one or more of the following criteria may score higher in review:

  • Focus on children that have limited or no access to programming
  • Are innovative and/or are new initiatives
  • Show potential for a wide community response, participation, and acceptance
  • Demonstrate a measurable improvement in the behavior and heath of the youth and families of Newport County
  • Develop life-long skills for maintaining healthy life-styles
  • Are based in Newport County

Projects that are larger and request more investment will be expected to:

  • Show how the project will become self-sustaining and embedded in the community
  • Include matching funds from other sources
  • Have little or no overhead expenses, or which should be covered by matching funds.   

Eligibility Requirements

Organizations seeking funds must be nonprofit organizations. Organizations that do not have 501c(3) status may still apply. Newport Hospital develops and maintains a mechanism to fund projects in organizations that do not have 501c(3) status.

Organizations must be based in Newport County.

The fund does not grant requests to:

  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Projects outside Newport County
  • Endowments or other discretionary funding pools

The fund does not grant requests for:

  • Ticketed events such as fundraisers or dinners
  • Political purposes or lobbying activities
  • Debt reduction
  • Projects unrelated to the fund’s mission