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Gratitude Stories from The Miriam Hospital

Carl - Grateful patient

Carl's Story

In 2023, Carl Neal found himself at The Miriam Hospital not once, but twice; he underwent separate catheterizations on each leg for peripheral artery disease, which were performed by Omar N. Hyder, MD, Director of Vascular Imagining at the Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute.

Grateful Patient Michelle with her daughter

Michelle's Story

Michelle, a very active mom, wife, and first grade teacher, was the last person anyone would suspect to have a cardiac condition – even her PCP. But the symptoms she was experiencing for a few weeks prior to that fateful date in September 2022, were symptoms of a heart condition.

Grateful patient Jill

Jill's Story

When a genetic risk of sudden cardiac death became the center of Jill Marinelli’s world, she was grateful to have The Miriam Hospital and Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute to turn to, so close to home.

A gratitude story, the Rios Family

The Rios Family

When his 90-year-old mother complained of chest pains, Hector Rios rushed her to The Miriam Hospital. He knew she’d get the care she needed there, but says he was blown away by their rapid response and “super” healing powers. So much so, he sat down and wrote a letter of thanks to the hospital president praising his mom’s care team.

Gratitude - TMH Kristen

Kristen's Story

It was March 2019 and Kristen Contarino had the flu. But this bout of influenza was different.

“The vicious cough that developed shortly after was like nothing I’d ever experienced,” she recalls. “Forgive the graphic details here, but during one of the more intense coughing fits, I felt a large hard chunk of something come up.”

The something was hardened blood.

Herb Obboda

Herb's Story


It’s safe to say that no one looks forward to surgery. But many do feel grateful looking back on the experience when it was successful and improves their health and well-being in a meaningful way. Such is the case with Herb Obodda.