Adult Gender and Sexuality Behavioral Health Program

A Safe, Affirming, and Respectful Environment

The Adult Gender and Sexuality Behavioral Health Program is unique because it focuses specifically on the behavioral health needs of adult gender diverse individuals, and is led by a team of clinical social workers and psychiatrists with backgrounds in creating patient centered therapeutic spaces informed by anti-oppression, sex positivity and social justice. We are well positioned to collaborate with hormonal prescribers in order to provide comprehensive care.   

We offer psychosocial support, behavioral health, and integrated medication management services for anyone over 18 years of age who wishes to explore issues associated with their gender identity or sexuality. The goal is to provide care in a safe, affirming, and respectful environment that welcomes gender exploration across the spectrum.

We follow the standards set forth in the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standard of Care.

Clinical Services

  • New patient gender specialty consults
  • Support in gender exploration across the spectrum
  • Consultation regarding options for gender affirmation, assistance with navigating issues related to gender affirmation, and exploration of goals for the social and/or physical transition journey
  • Support with referrals to Lifespan and community providers to access appropriate medications and feminizing and masculinizing hormones
  • Individual, family and relationship counseling across the lifespan
  • Sex therapy including sexual function, communication and pleasure
  • Consultation, psychoeducation, and support for parents of gender diverse children 
  • Psychological and psychiatric evaluations and treatment for individuals struggling with comorbid depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns
  • A comprehensive mental health assessment for anyone seeking gender-affirming surgery, along with letters of support
  • Therapeutic support for queer family building including assessments for Artificial Reproductive Technologies

Training Services

  • Culturally competent gender training for clinical sites and departments