Cardiovascular Testing and Diagnostics
Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute

Cardiac CT Scan

Cardiac CT (computed tomography) scans help diagnose a variety of cardiac conditions—including coronary artery disease, which can be catastrophic. This powerful diagnostic tool can provide lifesaving information about the heart and coronary circulation in less than 15 minutes with a simple intravenous injection.

Contact the Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute

Contact the Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute

For more information on Cardiac CT Scans or to refer a patient, please call 1-855-332-8474 (1-855-33-CVRI)

The scan provides high-resolution, crystal-clear, stop-action images of the heart and surrounding structures, with detail so precise that physicians can see the heart in enough detail to detect the early stages of plaque buildup in coronary arteries, which was never before possible in a noninvasive way.

This technology allows us to identify people with coronary artery disease, assess the severity of the disease, and rule out coronary disease in patients who have unusual symptoms. Physicians are able to diagnose and prescribe treatment for heart disease earlier than ever before and to offer the best opportunity to prevent further heart damage.

Coronary CT Angiography

Coronary CT angiography is a noninvasive test used to examine the major coronary arteries for significant narrowing or development of plaques on artery walls.

Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring (CAC)

Coronary artery calcium scoring (CAC) is a screening that uses CT scans to detect and quantify the amount of calcium in the coronary arteries. The CAC score is a marker of atherosclerotic disease and can identify patients who are at greater risk for future heart problems. Higher calcium scores indicate a higher risk for heart attack and other adverse events. The results help doctors design the best treatment strategies, including lifestyle modification and medication. This study requires no intravenous injections.