Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) for Skeletal Health and Repair

Bioengineering Core

Director: Braden Fleming, PhD

Associate Director: J.J. Trey Crisco, PhD

Eric Darling - Cartilage force scanning
Cartilage force scanning
Photo credit: Eric Darling

The bioengineering core provides the biomechanical expertise and resources to all of the past and future investigators comprising the Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) in Skeletal Health and Repair at Rhode Island Hospital. The overall goal of this COBRE is to expand the multi-disciplinary research center that is focusing on the development, pathology and repair of cartilaginous tissues.

The specific aims of the bioengineering core are:

  • To sustain and expand the bioengineering core facility to assist the COBRE scientists (past and present) in the design and implementation of biomechanical testing method.
  • To continue to provide the resources (i.e. space, equipment and personnel) necessary to perform all of the biomechanical testing required by the COBRE projects.
  • To expand the current platform to enhance the interaction among the project principal investigators, core directors and external resources relating to biomechanical testing and analyses.
  • To extend the bioengineering services to the general hospital and university communities to make the bioengineering core self-sustainable.


  • Biaxial ELF 3200 material test system (Bose Corp, Minnetonka, MN)
  • Instron Electropuls E1000 (Instron Corp, Norwood, MA)
  • Instron 8521S (Instron Corp, Norwood, MA)
  • MTS Bionix Electromechanical Torsion System (MTS Systems Corp, Prairie Eden, MN)
  • MTS 810 Material Test System (MTS Systems Corp, Prairie Eden, MN)
  • MFP-3D-BIO atomic force microscope (Asylum Research, Santa Barbara, CA)
  • Nikon TiU inverted microscope (Nikon Instruments, Melville, NY)
  • Qualisys Oqus 5-Series (Qualisys, Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • Optotrak System (Northern Digital Inc., Waterloo, Ontario)
  • Keck XROMM Dual fluoroscopy system (custom, Brown University)
  • Force plate Walkway (Tekscan, Boston, MA)
  • I-scan (Tekscan, Boston, MA)
  • Fuji Film Prescale Pressuregraph (FPD-901E, Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Active pendulum (small animal joint) (custom, Rhode Island Hospital)
  • Passive pendulums (small and large animal joints)(custom, Rhode Island Hospital)
  • Biaxial Loading Device - Tissue Engineering (custom, Rhode Island Hospital)
  • Bio-Stretch Uniaxial System (ICCT Technologies, Canada)
  • Tekscan High Resolution Walkway (HRV6)

Learn more about the bioengineering laboratory in the department of orthopaedics at The Alpert Medical School of Brown University