Co-Occurring Disorders Services

Bradley Hospital

Outpatient Clinics for Co-Occurring Disorders at Bradley Hospital

Bradley Hospital offers two outpatient programs, Vista and the Wave Clinic, to help adolescents who struggle with mental health and substance use issues and their families. 

The programs are similar in approach; Vista is more intensive.

Our multidisciplinary team tailors several evidence-based treatment methods, including motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral therapies, to meet the needs of each youth.

Vista offers three hours of comprehensive care three days each week, and may extend as long as several months. In the Wave Clinic, the duration of treatment depends on the goals of the adolescent and his or her family.

Because these programs are offered on an outpatient basis, students may attend while they continue their schooling and put their new skills to work in their daily lives. Our experts provide adolescents and their families the best evidence-based therapies and the opportunity to participate in clinical trials of innovative behavioral and pharmacological interventions.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Guide to Co-Occurring Disorders in Adolescents

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