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PACE Clinic – Psychiatry Access, Continuity, and Evaluation

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Contact Kids Link RI at 1-855-543-5465 to make an appointment.

When children are in crisis, you want to get help for them quickly. They may be experiencing depression, anxiety, suicidal thinking, may be lashing out at family and friends, or hurting themselves or others.

The PACE (Psychiatry Access, Continuity, and Evaluation) Clinic at Hasbro Children’s Hospital can help.

By appointment, the PACE Clinic provides short-term, outpatient psychiatric care until a child or teen can get into an ongoing treatment program.

Who the PACE Clinic Serves

Children with urgent psychiatric needs take different paths to the PACE Clinic.

They may:

  • Have been diverted from making an emergency department visit after a call to Kids’ Link RI, a caregiver’s hotline for children in emotional crisis.
  • Have been evaluated by the medical team in the Hasbro Children’s Hospital emergency department (ED) and found to have psychiatric needs that are urgent but do not require assessment in the ED setting.
  • Have been evaluated by Lifespan’s Pediatric Behavioral Health Emergency Services providers either in the Hasbro Children’s ED or in Bradley Hospital’s Access Center. A provider has found that the child urgently requires a medication evaluation or that they would benefit from visits to the PACE Clinic team while awaiting the start of their care plan (such as home-based services, outpatient care, or a partial hospital program).
  • Be on a waiting list for another outpatient program.
  • Have been discharged from inpatient or partial hospital program levels of care and are awaiting the start of their long-term care plan.

A member of the clinic team will guide parents or guardians and their child to the most appropriate type of care and setting in which to receive it.

PACE Clinic Hours and Location

The PACE Clinic is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The clinic is located at Hasbro Children's Hospital and is accessible from both the pediatric emergency department and the hospital's lower lobby.

Directions to the PACE Clinic from Hasbro Children’s Lower Lobby:

  • Enter through the doors and turn right. Walk through the elevator bay and bear to the right.
  • Take your first left, and the door to our clinic will be on the left, adjacent to the service elevators.
  • The PACE Clinic is adjacent to the pediatric emergency department.

More information

For more information about the PACE Clinic and its services, please contact Kids Link RI at 1-855-543-5465.