Emergency Services at Rhode Island Hospital

Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department Text Messaging Program

Emergency Department Text Messaging Program FAQ

What is the text message pilot?

We are piloting a text message program to improve patient communication. This pilot will send patients a limited number of messages and collect feedback to decide if it is effective.

How do I enroll in receiving text messages?

When you arrive, please ask our registration or family services team if you can be enrolled in text messages and they will be able to assist you.

What kinds of messages should I expect to receive?

You will receive messages that provide updates and reminders while you are in the Emergency Department. You may receive messages such as:

  • Information about how the Emergency Department works
  • Reminders to check in with care staff
  • Notifications about when a room is ready for you
  • Guidance on whether you can eat or drink

Will there be more messages?

Over time, we will introduce new messages based on feedback from patients like you. Please give us your feedback so we can improve this program.

Send feedback about the text messaging program

Why is this program only in English?

We plan to translate this program to other languages common to Rhode Island, but this will take time. We apologize for the inconvenience.