Geriatric Oncology Consultation Program
Lifespan Cancer Institute

Comprehensive Geriatric Oncology Assessment

The assessment is typically completed in one visit, with additional testing available as needed. It includes evaluation of a patient’s health, with special expertise offered on problems or issues related to cancer and aging.

The goal is to develop a treatment plan that takes into consideration the unique health status of each patient, as well as the patient’s dignity and goals for quality of life. The comprehensive geriatric oncology assessment includes:

  • Assessment of overall physical health, including medical condition and physical functions, such as strength, balance, ability to walk, and cognitive health
  • Evaluation of suitability for and likely response to treatments
  • Screening for other conditions that are common in older persons
  • Evaluation of risks related to cancer treatments and quality of life
  • Evaluation by an oncologist who will offer an expert opinion about the disease stage and treatment options
  • Review of medications for possible drug interactions or issues regarding chemotherapy
  • Eligibility for clinical trials and new therapies
  • Palliative care advice to help manage symptoms and offer support
  • Assistance with dietary choices for optimal nutrition
  • Discussion of personal preferences
  • A psycho-social assessment
  • Review of current living situation and support system

After the thorough assessment, we share our recommendations with the patient’s referring provider and the patient and family so they can decide how they wish to proceed.


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