Lifespan Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic
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How to Prepare for Your Visit to Lifespan Urgent Care

When you come to Lifespan Urgent Care, please be sure to bring:

  • A hard copy of your driver’s license or photo ID
  • A hard copy of your insurance card(s)
  • Cash or credit card for insurance co-pay or out-of-pocket payment
  • A list of medications you are taking, as well as allergies, medical conditions, and past surgeries
  • Parental authorization form (for a minor without a parent or guardian present)
Woman sitting at Lifespan Urgent Care front desk

Visit Lifespan Urgent Care

Walk-in patients always are welcome, but for your convenience, you can register online and reserve a time slot that fits your schedule.

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Less Wait: Register Online

You could shorten your wait time if you:

  • Reserve your appointment time

    Did you know you can make an appointment online before you arrive?

    We understand that it can be hard to wait when you aren’t feeling well.
    We give each person the time and care they need. At times, there may be a longer wait. Thank you for your patience as we care for those who arrived before you.

  • Choose a time and get started

  • Register for MyLifespan

    If you haven't already enrolled in MyLifespan, enrolling before you go to Lifespan Urgent Care will mean you're already in our system.

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