Neuropsychology Program

Behavioral and Cognitive Treatments for Memory Loss and More

The Neuropsychology Program offers neuropsychological evaluation of memory and other cognitive functions on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, and always in a supportive atmosphere. Results of the evaluation can assist with accurate diagnosis and lead to specific treatment recommendations.

When Can a Neuropsychology Program Help?

The neuropsychology program can help in a variety of times, including:

  • When it is unclear if someone’s memory problems are part of normal aging or early Alzheimer’s disease.
  • When family of someone with Alzheimer’s disease would like education about dementia, or recommendations for managing the patient’s behavior.
  • Shortly after a mild head injury (e.g., car accident), someone has difficulty returning to work because of problems with forgetfulness, concentration, impulse control, or an evaluation is needed for a pending lawsuit.
  • A stroke patient is having difficulty driving, balancing a checkbook, or remembering appointments, and the evaluation is needed to help determine the severity of the problem and to make recommendations for daily functioning.
  • An individual with a chronic medical illness is experiencing cognitive and emotional difficulties. Disability insurance may be an option, but an objective examination is required.

Contact Us

The Neuropsychology Program sees all patients at our new location in Providence.

Neuropsychology Program
1 Hoppin Street, Suite 301
Providence, RI 02903

To learn more about our program, call us at 401-793-4006

What We Do

At the Neuropsychology Program we:

  • Treat adults and older adults.
  • Examine the difficulties associated with neurologic and medical disorders.
  • Conduct memory assessments.
  • Offer multidisciplinary services for Alzheimer’s and other dementias.
  • Offer forensic consultation.
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Neuropsychological Evaluation Services

Our services include comprehensive memory and cognitive assessment and treatment recommendations for known or suspected neurologic or neuropsychiatric disorders.

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Pediatric Neuropsychology Program

The Pediatric Neuropsychology Program is a clinical specialty service at Rhode Island Hospital, affiliated with The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. The program offers neuropsychological evaluation of memory and other cognitive functions in children and adolescents.

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