Ocean State Clinical Coordinating Center (OSCCC)

Our Services

The Ocean State Clinical Coordinating Center (OSCCC) at Rhode Island Hospital and The Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University have a long history of excellence in critical care and sepsis research.

Among the services we offer:

  • Protocol Design Assistance: Our expertise is in clinical trial designs investigating novel agents for treatment of sepsis. Our physicians have extensive backgrounds in pulmonary, critical care medicine and infectious diseases. The OSCCC staff can collaborate with a sponsor on protocol design with an eye to its practical application.
  • Site Selection: Our physicians have reviewed the quantity and quality of patient enrollment at investigative sites worldwide. In addition, ten years of adjudicating patients with these sites has allowed the OSCCC to develop a rapport with investigators and coordinators. Combined, these experiences offer unique knowledge of investigative sites.
  • Site Education and Study Start-Up: The OSCCC believes that thorough site training is essential. The staff can review a protocol and create tools to aid in subject selection. They can also host webinars and teleconferences to educate sites on a protocol. The OSCCC is also happy to contribute written materials for study newsletters or websites.
  • Subject Adjudication: The OSCCC functions as a call center and can provide 100% subject adjudication for sites in North and South America. An OSCCC clinician can be available 365 days a year to screen patients for trial eligibility.
  • Consulting: The OSCCC can be brought in at start-up, but is often brought in to evaluate trials struggling with enrollment goals, and can create a clinical evaluations committee charter for a trial and draft the members of the committee.
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