Outpatient Group Therapy Programs for Kids, Teens and Parents

Register for a Group

Registration is open year-round. Groups are filled based on age, clinical presentation and best fit with other group members.

For each program a $25 materials fee is required. Insurance will be billed for group therapy; co-payment will depend on insurance. Please check with your insurance provider for details about coverage.

For more information or to enroll in a program, call Bradley Hospital outpatient services at 401-432-1119 or email bradleygroups@lifespan.org.

Registration form may be filled out electronically using Adobe Acrobat. Email completed forms to bradleygroups@lifespan.org.

Forms can be faxed or mailed to:

Bradley Hospital Outpatient Department
1011 Veterans Memorial Parkway
East Providence, RI 02915
Fax: 401-432-1506