Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Driver Evaluation Program

The Pre-Driving Clinical Evaluation Program at Rhode Island Hospital assesses individuals’ readiness to drive. Our skills can change following injury or illness, and as we age.

About the Pre-Driving Test

During a comprehensive, two-hour evaluation in a clinical setting, an occupational therapist assesses skills needed to drive safely. Some tests are very obviously related to driving, others less so.

The evaluation assesses:

  • physical skills: range of motion, strength, sensation, coordination, and reaction time
  • cognitive/thinking skills: attention, following directions, decision-making, judgment, problem-solving, safety orientation, self-assessment skills, and thinking speed
  • perceptual skills: visual spatial organization, depth perception, spatial relations
  • visual skills: useful field of view; central and peripheral visual processing speeds
  • driving knowledge


The following are required before a pre-driving clinical evaluation:

  • a referral from your physician (sometimes at the request of the Department of Motor Vehicles or another agency).
  • a recent eye examination by a qualified ophthalmologist or optometrist, recorded on our form
  • completion of our intake information packet.

To receive the necessary forms for an evaluation, please call the occupational therapy office at 401-444-5418.

Driving Test Results

All test results will be reviewed with the individual. At the end of the session a recommendation will be made to the client and the referring physician regarding the potential to return to safe driving. A written report of the evaluation results is sent to the referring physician or agency and, if desired, to the client.

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