Pediatric Sleep Program
Hasbro Children's Hospital


Hasbro Children's Hospital is the pediatric division of Rhode Island Hospital, the principal teaching hospital of The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. Our physicians are faculty members at the school, and many ongoing collaborative research efforts are being conducted by the sleep program at Hasbro Children's Hospital and Alpert Medical School.

Richard Millman, MD, is involved in research on obstructive sleep apnea, with current research studies looking at this disorder in diabetics, pregnant women and overweight individuals undergoing weight loss surgery. His research interests also include sleep in drug-dependency states and the impact of sleep loss on drug relapse, as well as sleep in hospital settings.

Julie Boergers, PhD, is involved in research on the sleep patterns of children with chronic illnesses, and the effect of childhood sleep disruption on family and academic functioning. Her current research examines sleep disruption among hospitalized children, sleep patterns of children with cancer and blood disorders, the effect of a later school start time on adolescents' socio-emotional and academic functioning, and the effect of missed sleep on the academic functioning of urban children with asthma.