Pediatric Sleep Program
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Sleep Lab

Our new state-of-the-art sleep lab at Hasbro Children's Hospital is staffed continuously by medical staff, as well as sleep technicians trained to monitor and interpret test results.

The lab offers more medical support than typical sleep research facilities, ensuring that children with complex medical issues receive constant monitoring. Our team of experts includes physicians, pediatric pulmonologists and child psychologists, who work together to provide integrated, expert care that is unique in our region.

Sleep Studies

To diagnose certain types of sleep disorders, we may recommend that your child participate in a sleep study. During the study your child will undergo a polysomnogram (PSG), which records brain wave activity, eye movements, muscle activity, breathing function and heart rate during sleep. The PSG is used to monitor the stages and quality of sleep in order to diagnose the disorder.

The PSG is painless and simply requires that a number of sensors be applied on the child's skin. Certain sleep disorders require only an overnight stay. For some disorders, follow-up daytime testing is also done to assess daytime sleepiness. All sleep studies are performed in one of our state-of-the-art, soundproof sleep rooms.