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Caring for the Emotional and Behavioral Health of Patients Diagnosed with Cancer

A cancer diagnosis can cause emotional distress. The experience of every person is unique, but anger, sadness, anxiety, or fear may arise at any point during the cancer journey. Although it’s natural to react in any or all these ways to an illness, emotional distress can impact the quality of your daily life.

According to the American Cancer Society, surveys of patients who have cancer show that as many as 4 in 10 experience significant levels of distress. Up to 25 percent of cancer patients report significant symptoms of anxiety or depression. Patients who are less depressed or anxious report a better quality of life and more active participation in their treatment.

The psychiatric oncology and behavioral health team at the Lifespan Cancer Institute can help you and your family manage the emotional and behavioral challenges that can arise at any stage of your illness.


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To find out more about the Psychiatric Oncology Services we offer, please call the Lifespan Cancer Institute at 844-222-2881.

How Psychiatric Oncology Specialists Can Help

Your team at the Lifespan Cancer Institute can support you, enable your own psychological resources, and improve your emotional well-being during treatment and beyond.

The psychiatric oncology team at the Lifespan Cancer Institute includes five psychiatrists, who work collaboratively with social workers, oncologists, and nurses. They are available to discuss options of intervention, including medications and psychotherapy (counseling or “talk therapy”).

Services are offered through the Lifespan Cancer Institute locations at Rhode Island, The Miriam, and Newport hospitals, and at the Lifespan Ambulatory Care Center in East Greenwich.

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Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis is a life changing event. While living with cancer can contribute to personal growth and meaning in one’s life, the diagnosis can cause emotional distress.

Psychiatric Oncology Locations