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Foundation Boards

About Our Foundation

The mission of the Rhode Island Hospital Foundation is to support excellent, compassionate, and state-of-the-art health care, education, and research through philanthropy, which is key to sustaining every great academic medical center.

The foundation’s board of trustees provide leadership, oversight, and direct assistance in implementing the Rhode Island Hospital Foundation’s purpose to “solicit and raise funds to further improve and advance the science or art of healthcare delivery and patient care and the knowledge, practice, and teaching of medicine and nursing … .”

The trustees advocate for the needs and missions of Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children’s Hospital, and devote their time and resources to supporting and advancing those initiatives.

Bolstering Lifespan Cancer Institute’s efforts to harness the power of the immune system to defeat deadly disease and helping to organize the Heroes Ball to benefit Hasbro Children’s Hospital Pain and Palliative Care Program for children with complex, chronic conditions are just two examples of how well-stewarded philanthropy improves lives.

As Anthony Calandrelli, a recent addition to the foundation board, said, “Rhode Island Hospital was built on a foundation of community support and it’s our collective responsibility to keep that going for future generations.”

Rhode Island Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees

Robert K. Vincent, Chair

Elizabeth Huber, Vice Chair

Robert Manning, Treasurer

Anthony Calandrelli, Secretary

Lawrence A. Aubin Sr., ex-officio

Sheryl C. Amaral

Roger N. Begin

Arthur A. Bert

Paul D. Busby

James L. Carr, Jr.

Denise A. Chakoian

Michael V. D’Ambra

Sandy Delli Carpini

Phyllis A. Dennery, MD

Bradford S. Dimeo

Edwin G. Fischer, MD

Ralph V. Fleming, Jr.

Kristen Haffenreffer

Mahesh V. Jayaraman, MD

Dolph L. Johnson

Keith D. Kelly

Scott B. Laurans

Tom Lawson

Francois I. Luks, MD, PhD

Robert J. Manning

Donna M. Paolino Coia

Holly Paras

Elizabeth J. Perik

James A. Procaccianti

Nicholas J. Rodrigues

Douglas E. Scala

Anthony G. Thomas

Melisa A. Verrecchia

Victor Vetters

Hasbro Children’s Hospital Leadership Council

Phyllis A. Dennery, MD, Co-chair

Francois I. Luks, MD, PhD, Co-chair

Wayne Charness, Co-chair

Lawrence A. Aubin Sr.

Danielle Benedict

Elizabeth Burke Bryant

Paul Busby

Jeanne S. Cohen

Karen Davis

Karen G. DelPonte, Esq.

Penelope Dennehy, MD

Bradford Dimeo

Deanna Donnelly

Renée Evangelista, Esq.

Dory Faxon

Samara Feldman

Patricia Flanagan, MD

Edwin Forman, MD

Robert B. Klein, MD

James Gilbane

Barbara Haynes

Jaclyn Leibl-Cote

Samantha Lomow

Nicki Maher

Melissa Murray

Stephen Olson

Holly Paras

Joseph G. Pannozzo

Kinnari Patel

James Procaccianti

Zachary Robbins, MD

Katina Robison, MD

Henry T. Sachs III, MD

Catherine Solomon

Jaime Tasca

John S. Urban, Jr.

Melisa Verrecchia

Grace Vincent

Tracey Wallace

Kyle Wohlrab, MD

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors serve as ambassadors who assist the Rhode Island Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees in identifying and promoting philanthropic support and partnerships from individuals, families, corporations, and foundations, while educating others throughout the community.

Edward Akelman

Vickie R. Akelman

Edward Almon

Joseph F. Amaral

Frohman C. Anderson

Cathy L. Andreozzi

Lawrence A. Aubin

Diane F. Aubin

Marianne P. Barba

Emanuel E. Barrows

Oliver H. Bennett

Martha Bennett

Dan A. Bianco

Marcia C. Blacher

Russell A. Boss

David A. Brown

Christopher N. Buchanan

Jeffrey Buckler

Bernard V. Buonanno

Heidi Buonanno

Edward W. Burman

J. Scott Burns

Cynthia B. Burns

Richard F. Carolan

Joseph M. Cianciolo

Nathan C. Clark

Jamie S. Clark

Michelle Collie

Francis A. Connor

Kay Cooper

Dr W. Corrao

John J. Cronan

Justine Currie

Ronald A. DeLellis

Frank DelSanto

Anthony DelVecchio

Grace M. DelVecchio

Penelope H. Dennehy

Thomas L. Depetrillo

Joseph DiBattista

Enrico DiGregorio

Karin E. Dillahey

Thomas M. Drew

Heidi K. Duffy

David A. Duffy

Myra J. Edens

Barbara M. Elson

Peter Englehart

J. Michael Falvey

Bradford J. Faxon

Jilline Fearons

Elaine M. Ferreira

Michael D. Fine

Robert F. Fischer

Sherry A. Fonseca

Karen L. Furie

Anthony Gallonio

Joan I. Gelch

Joseph S. Gendron

Leah Gendron

Chris Gentili

Thomas F. Gilbane

Moses B. Goddard

Richard J. Goldberg

Christine E. Griffin

Thomas Guerra

David H. Haffenreffer

Michael L. Hanna

Alan G. Hassenfeld

Edward A. Iannuccilli

Len Iannuccilli

Muriel E. Jobbers

Anne Marie Johnson

James M. Karam

Judd B. Katzen

Boyd P. King

Michelle LaRiviere

Donald A. Lopes

Michael H. Mariner

Julie A. Masse-Hanna

Louise S. Mauran

Joseph P. McGovern

Virginia A. Mead

Edward G. Medeiros

Cheryl A. Merchant

Richard Metters

Philip R. Morin

Kevin B. Murphy

Katherine Murphy

Tricia S. O'Neil

Leslie Parker

Joanne Patterson

Joseph R. Perroni

Angelo Pezzullo

John A. Pezzullo

Julie C. Procaccianti

Kathryn Rattigan

Kristen Regan

Jane A. Ritson-Parsons

Lloyd J. Robertson

Stephen M. Rosa

James V. Rosati

Mary F. Sadlier

Jeremy Savage

Barbara Schepps Wong

David D. Schuller

Bruce M. Selya

Deming E. Sherman

Russell R. Shippee

Cathy I. Shippee

Rosalyn K. Sinclair

Theodore W. Smalletz

Robyn G. Smalletz

Brian S. Snowden

Joseph A. Solomon

Catherine A. Solomon

Maureen K. Soutter

Cory Spinale

Donald R. Swanson

Michael J. Szostak

Thomas A. Tanury

Kim Teves

Anthony J. Thomas

Carol J. Tow

Jonathan Turmel

Lisa M. Van Allsburg

George A. Vecchione

Alfred J. Verrecchia

Arlene M. Violet

Girard R. Visconti

Lorna E. Wayland

David E. Wazer

Diane N. Weiss

David G. Whalen

Miles C. Wilson

David M. Winoker

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