Bradley Hospital
Leaders in mental health care for children for 90 years

Exercise and Recreation

For Fitness and Fun

There are many options for the children, depending on their age, the program they are in, and their safety level.  The campus has an outdoor track, an outdoor seasonal pool, a sensory playground, and two other playgrounds with swings and toys. Also available are two ball fields and a gym. The inpatient building has an enclosed courtyard for children.

In our Healing Arts Program, art therapists meet with children in groups and individually. Classes, demonstrations and shows by artists, musicians, and storytellers are offered, as well as opportunities to learn about mindfulness, meditation, tai chi, life skills, therapeutic drumming, visiting service dogs and more.

Outdoor Activities Safety

Sunscreen and/or insect repellent will be applied as appropriate. We use a sunscreen lotion with an SPF of 30 or higher. It will be applied if children will be in the sun exposure for 15 minutes or longer. We use insect repellent spray that contains DEET.  It will be sprayed on exposed skin and clothing before outdoor activities that could include exposure to biting insects, flies, mosquitoes, and/or ticks. Please contact your treatment team or nursing staff for any questions about these products.