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Patient Story: Meet Jack

Jack Gendron

Nine-year-old Jack Gendron and his family have been organizing an annual family snowmobile ride in Maine for years. They’ve also been battling Jack’s OCD.

After graduating from Bradley Hospital’s Intensive Program for OCD last summer, Jack knew he wanted to do something to express how grateful he was for the care he received. He asked his family if he could turn the snowmobile run into a fundraiser for the program. Delighted to turn the boy’s idea into reality, his family came out in full force, helping Jack’s Snowmobile Ride raise more than $10,000, and counting, for Bradley!

The Gendron family has a wonderful support system that helped make it possible for them to relocate to Rhode Island for Jack to receive his life-changing treatment. Knowing that not all families have the same option for their kids weighs on Jack’s mind and drives his desire to help.