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Services and Resources at Coastal Medical

As part of our primary care services, Coastal’s team-based model ensures our patients are provided with high-quality, timely care.  Below are some of the additional services we offer.

Advanced Practitioners and Physicians

Coastal’s physicians and advanced practitioners (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) are essential to providing Coastal patients with comprehensive, high-quality primary care. These providers work together to meet your healthcare needs.


Advanced practitioners will often see you to provide the care you need in a timely fashion. All of Coastal’s advanced practitioners undergo years of extensive medical training and are fully licensed. Coastal physicians rely on advanced practitioners’ skills and knowledge to deliver the best care to Coastal patients.

Vital to Coastal’s care team, Advanced Practitioners:


  • Enhance access to timely, high-quality care
  • Diagnose & treat chronic/acute conditions
  • Prescribe medications for patients as needed
  • Build strong relationships between providers and patients


Click here to learn more about the importance of our advanced practitioners and how their unique skillset and training allows Coastal to provide the best care for our patients.

Behavioral Health

Coastal understands that a patient’s health consists of more than just physical needs. Finding the right resources to support mental health or other needs during challenging times is a top priority. 

Contact your Coastal care team to learn more about behavioral health resources.

Care Management Program (Community and In-Office)

Coastal Medical has nurse care managers and care navigators within our practices, as well as in our community. Our Care Management teams help to provide care coordination support to patients with complex medical conditions with recent transitions of care or undergoing treatments requiring additional support.

The goal of this program is to help keep our patients healthy at home and remain out of the hospital unnecessarily. Our teams will help patients navigate barriers to care, manage chronic conditions, and develop care plans to help our patients to manage successfully at home and remain out of the hospital. 

  • Our practice care management team works with patients to provide education on chronic conditions, assess and address barriers to care, and develop a specific care plan.
  • Our community nurse care managers visit patients in the hospital and skilled nursing facilities to provide care coordination services, connecting patients to Coastal services/programs and community resources when needed.

Chronic Condition Management Programs

Eligible Coastal patients can receive additional support for their chronic illnesses through our various clinical programs. While we offer patient education for all patients regarding chronic conditions, these programs are specifically designed to provide care to those with complex care needs.  

Through a multidisciplinary team, we help support our patients with managing a chronic condition in between visits with primary care clinicians.  Within these programs we use remote monitoring to help patients stay connected to their care teams and better manage their health.

Please talk to your primary care clinician to find out if one of our programs may be right for you.

  • Diabetes health program (for patients with Diabetes)
  • Pulmonary health program (for patients with COPD)
  • Heart health program (for patients with congestive heart failure or high blood pressure)

Clinical Pharmacy Services

Coastal’s clinical pharmacy team consists of clinical pharmacists, pharmacy navigators and pharmacy technicians to provide clinical pharmacy services and medication support to our patients. 

  • Pharmacy technicians and navigators support medication refills, cost or coverage issues.   
  • Clinical pharmacists meet with patients at our practices, over the phone, or through telemedicine, for comprehensive medication reviews. In collaboration with our clinicians, we ensure our patients receive the most effective therapies for chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease or heart disease. 

If you have questions about your medications, contact your Coastal Medical office today.

Coastal365 Adult Sick Appointments

Adult sick appointments are available to Coastal Medical primary care patients 365 days a year – including evenings, weekends and holidays. Simply call 800-822-5981.

Learn more about Coastal365 Adult Sick Appointments

Health Education Resources and Classes

Coastal Medical offers a variety of free educational programs to help our patients better understand and manage their health. We offer health and education classes for a variety of chronic illnesses and smoking cessation. 

View available classes

View recommended health education resources from our care teams

LIfespan Laboratory Services at Coastal Medical

Our laboratories are linked to Lifespan hospitals and offer the most advanced patient data management system in the area, supported by a team of physicians and laboratory experts that provide the testing for Lifespan hospitals. Tests done at these locations are processed and analyzed at our state-of-the-art automated laboratory. This allows for faster, more accurate results.

Learn more about Laboratories at Coastal, including locations and hours.

Musculoskeletal Health Program

Coastal’s musculoskeletal health program provides adult and pediatric Coastal patients timely access to high quality non-operative orthopedic consultation and care. Through this program, Coastal provides comprehensive evaluation and discussion on health preferences to help you reach your goals.  

Learn more about Coastal’s Musculoskeletal Health Program

Nutritional Counseling

Coastal supports our patients in achieving their weight and/or health goals through providing individualized nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Your Coastal care team can help with scheduling an appointment with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Get personalized services for:

  • Individualized nutrition counseling (Medical Nutrition Therapy) for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal diseases and many other conditions
  • Individualized nutrition counseling for lifestyle weight reduction
  • Menu and meal planning
  • Lifestyle counseling for the prevention of disease, such as prediabetes, pre-hypertension

If you’re interested in receiving nutritional counseling, we encourage you to speak with your Coastal clinician at your next visit. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Staying connected to your care team is essential to help keep you safe at home and out of the hospital when living with a chronic condition or during an acute illness. Coastal Medical offers a variety of remote patient monitoring services to help our patients better manage their illness or chronic condition.  

To learn if you qualify for these services, please talk with your Coastal Medical clinician or call 401-484-1835.


Telehealth allows you to video conference with a Coastal clinician using your computer, smartphone or tablet/iPad. If you would like to schedule a telehealth appointment, please contact your practice. We'll help you determine what kind of visit is best suited for you or your child.  

Learn how to get started with Telehealth

Transitions of Care

Managing health following a visit to the emergency department or hospital can be overwhelming. Coastal Medical provides comprehensive support to patients following emergency department or hospital visits.

Our specialized team of Registered Nurses and Care Specialists follow up with patients to coordinate care with your primary care clinician, answer your questions regarding a discharge plan, review medication changes, and support adjustments back into the home.