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Behavioral Health Services for Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces

Gateway Healthcare provides quality behavioral health services to veterans and members of the armed forces that are consistent with the Uniform Mental Health Services Handbook

  • A veteran peer support specialist conducts outreach activities in the communities to engage veterans who may need mental health or substance use intervention, helping them understand their options for treatment and linking them to preferred services and providers.
  • Emergency services and crisis stabilization is provided for a veteran or member of the active military if they present with an urgent need for intervention.
  • Office-based outpatient services, including psychological treatment is offered for individuals and family members. 
  • When indicated, veterans may access Gateway Healthcare’s psychiatric rehabilitation services for additional support with community integration, functional living skills, and vocational support.
  • Gateway’s intensive treatment programs for individuals with serious mental illness and substance use disorders are also available to veterans and members of the armed forces, supported by veteran peer coaches.

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