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Hasbro Children's Hospital Circle of Clay

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As Hasbro Children’s Hospital continues to celebrate the vision and spirit of the children of Rhode Island, this project will continue to be a bright spot in the history and story of the hospital.

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In 1994, Very Special Arts Rhode Island sponsored a two year art project that involved the children and families from 155 schools and organizations from all 39 cities and towns in the state. The goal of the Circle of Clay project was to install a series of permanent “get well” cards on the walls of Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

The "Quilt" of Hasbro Children's Hospital

"Quilts tell stories and remind us of moments in our history," says Maureen Oberg, an Intensive Care Unit nurse at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. "The Circle of Clay has become the 'quilt' of the Hasbro Children’s Hospital. There are little pieces of triumph, scraps of tears, and swatches of comfort in many textures and designs."

The tiles, which could be found on every floor of the hospital, were created between 1992 and 1994, and represent the creativity and artistic talent of each child or person who designed them. Additionally, nearly 1,600 tiles were designed by parents of infants, along with parents and patients in the ICU. For nearly three decades, the 10,000 six-inch ceramic tiles have flanked the walls of the hospital.

As the hospital enters the last phases of renovation under the Every Child, Every Day campaign, the tiles have been digitally preserved and will live on in the Circle of Clay online art installation