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Family Advisory Council at Hasbro Children's Hospital

Hasbro Children's Hospital’s Family Advisory Council was formed with the mission to actively engage families as collaborators with the hospital and to serve as an active voice for families. It is a dedicated partnership of parents, former patients and staff members that promotes comprehensive and compassionate health care through a patient and family centered care approach.

Hasbro Children's Hospital's Family Advisory Council 2024
The Family Advisory Council is a dedicated partnership of parents, former patients and staff members.

Goals of the Family Advisory Council

The main goals of the council are to continuously improve understanding and communication between the hospital and the family members it serves, and to foster collaboration in the planning and delivery of services to meet the needs of patients and their families.

The goals of Hasbro Children's Hospital’s family advisory council are to:

  • Communicate the needs and concerns of the families.
  • Foster and support partnerships between families and the hospital’s health care professionals and staff.
  • Provide a means for families to provide input or suggestions for policies, programs and facilities.

The Family Advisory Council meets on a monthly basis to work on policy development, program recommendations and facility design. The family advisory council also works to continually improve the hospital experience for children and families by working with other departments of the hospital, such as pediatrics, nursing, food and nutrition, security, and facilities. Ongoing projects include a welcome guide, universal adult changing table, appointment cards, comfort carts, and hospital signage.

One of the first initiatives of the Family Advisory Council was the complete renovation of two family rooms in Hasbro Children's Hospital to create more comfortable, family-friendly and functional spaces for families to relax and still be near their children during treatment. These family rooms are now used daily and offer a wide range of programs and events to patients and families.

Izzy Room

The Izzy Family Room

Dunkin Donuts Room

The Dunkin Room

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Hasbro Children's Hospital Family Advisory Council welcomes previous patients and family members to join the HCH Family Advisory Council to provide input and share feedback on their patient experiences.

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