Hasbro Children's Hospital
When your child is hurting, rely on our expert providers for leading-edge care.

Hasbro Children's Hospital Telephone Directory

Main Number: 401-444-4000
Patient Information: 401-444-5421
Security: 401-444-5221
Gift Shop: 401-444-8316
Interpreter Services: 401-444-8708
Parking Office: 401-444-4013
Patient and Family Centered Care:  401-444-7562
Family Advocates:  401-606-8561
Patient and Guest Services: 401-444-5817
Patient Financial Services: 1-800-884-6966
Physician Referral: 401-444-4800
Pastoral and Spiritual Services: 401-444-4746
Lost and Found: 401-444-5432 or 401-444-5221