The Miriam Hospital
A tradition of superior patient care

Ways to Show You Care


The Miriam Hospital was built through philanthropy. We have attracted the skilled physicians, nurses and hospital staff we have today because of the benefactors who have helped us become who and what we are. We need your help now, more than ever, as we transform our facility, develop new programs, train the next generation of physicians, and participate in major research.

Giving in Tribute

  • Making a tribute gift provides a way for you and your loved ones to recognize a caregiver (or team of caregivers) who has made a difference during your visit or stay.
  • Donations to The Miriam's Greatest Needs Fund for a New Generation provides vital resources to areas with the greatest funding needs, including patient care services, educational programs, and innovative research projects. Each honored provider will receive a letter informing him or her of the thoughtful gift. 
  • Gifts to the hospital may be made by a variety of means through The Miriam Hospital Foundation. You may reach us at 401-793-2004 or write the The Miriam Hospital Foundation at PO Box H, Providence RI 02901 or make an online gift at . 

Organ and Tissue Donation

If you are interested in becoming an organ or tissue donor, The Miriam Hospital has a relationship with the New England Organ Bank to provide information and to help facilitate tissue and organ donations. For more information, please call the New England Organ Bank’s 24-hour toll-free phone number at 1-800-446-6362 (1-800-446-NEOB).