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Ways to Give

Every day we treat hundreds of patients who rely on Newport Hospital for the very best care available. And every day, we rely on support from caring people like you to help ensure our vital work continues. Support from our community is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes an important difference. Your generosity today is an investment in quality patient care on Aquidneck Island tomorrow. Please join us!

Give by Mail or Phone

Please send your check donation to the following address, along with a note detailing what type of gift you are giving:

Newport Hospital Foundation

11 Friendship Street

Newport, RI 02840

You can also call the Newport Hospital Foundation office at 401-845-1763 to speak with a development officer about making a gift.

Donate Online

You can make a gift right now by visiting our secure online donation page.

Support Newport Hospital

Gifts of Gratitude: Saying Thanks to Our Caring Professionals

Our Gifts of Gratitude program is a thoughtful way to recognize the excellent care you or a loved one received at Newport Hospital. It’s a way of saying “thank you” to the people who were there when you needed them most. This program enables you and your family to support programs and services that have special meaning for you. Every dollar will go exactly where you direct it.

Honor a caregiver

Donating Securities

Newport Hospital Foundation welcomes gifts of securities, which are easy to make with minimum delay and expense, with tax benefits to the donor. The effective date for establishing the gift value is the day the securities pass from the donor’s control into ours. The value is the mean between the high and low quotations on that day, and will be so recorded and acknowledged by the foundation as the donor’s contribution (before any fees are taken). You may use one of the following methods:

If your broker or financial services provider holds the securities for your account and can sell the securities on our behalf without opening a new account, this is by far the easiest method. Have your representative contact Newport Hospital Foundation at (401) 845-1617 with the pertinent information regarding the name of the stock or fund and the number of shares. They should also provide us with your instructions as to the purpose of the gift.

A second method, when securities are held in your account by a broker, is to have the shares transferred electronically. Have your broker contact Newport Hospital Foundation at (401) 845-1617 with the pertinent information regarding the name of the stock or fund and the number of shares. We will then inform our broker, Charles A. Edenbach, III at Wells Fargo Advisors in Newport, Tel. (401) 848-9949, to expect the shares to be delivered to our account.

The information your broker will require for delivery is:

DTC #: 0141

Account #:  4753-1684

Account Name: Newport Hospital Foundation

Newport Hospital Foundation’s Tax Identification #:  22-2535533

ADDRESS:  11 Friendship Street, Newport, RI  02840

TEL:  (401) 845-1617

FAX: (401) 845-1033

If using securities to make a payment on an existing pledge, if there is an overage amount, it will be credited to the unrestricted fund unless the donor, in writing, notifies the Development Office of an alternate preference.

If you have physical possession of stock certificates, you may send the unendorsed certificates and a signed stock power (available from our office or a broker) to us in separate envelopes. The gift is complete on the date postmarked.

In most cases, you may claim the full fair market value of the shares as a charitable deduction for income tax purposes. You must have owned the securities at least one year and a day. Such gifts are deductible up to 30% of your adjusted gross income (AGI) in the year of the gift.  Please consult with your financial advisor for specific advice on your situation. This information is not intended as legal advice and is no substitute for legal counsel.

If you hold the securities:

Send the unendorsed securities by registered mail to:

Chief Development Officer

Newport Hospital Foundation

11 Friendship Street

Newport, RI  02840

In a separate envelope to the same address, send a letter stating your desire to donate the securities (giving the company name and number of shares of each) to the Foundation along with a stock power form and a Third Party Release form.  Please obtain both documents from our office and both documents will need to be signature guaranteed by your custodian.  These forms are required by our custodian as of May 2004.

If you wish to donate shares of a mutual fund:

Send a letter to the manager of the mutual fund stating your intention to give by donation the desired number of shares to the Newport Hospital Foundation and give them our address.  The mutual fund manager should be reminded to not sell the shares outright from your account, as that would trigger capital gain tax.  Direct the manager to transfer the desired number of shares to our foundation. Please remember that each mutual fund has its own procedures about charitable donations of shares.  It is advisable that you have the mutual fund manager contact us to ensure proper transfer of your shares.

If you are donating securities, kindly inform us to make sure your gift is properly received, credited and receipted to you.  Our telephone number is (401) 845-1763, by FAX to (401) 845-1033, or by email to Emily Manocchio

Memorial/Honor Gifts

To honor a loved one, families may specify that memorial contributions be made to Newport Hospital. Call the development office at 401-845-1763 for more information.


Volunteers at Newport Hospital make a major contribution by giving their time to enhance the quality of patient care and to provide support services for the professional staff. Adult and junior volunteers serve wherever there is a need for special warmth, cheer and understanding.

Volunteer Information

Newport Hospital Donor Wall

Planned Giving

You can use planned giving to provide meaningful support for Newport Hospital and carry on the tradition of philanthropy that supports our unyielding pursuit of excellence in patient care, respect of the individual, and the creation of a measurably healthier Newport County. Without this crucial support the hospital would not be able to provide the high level of care and commitment, for which we are renowned, to our patients and the community.